original Sigma key sigmakey dongle mobile flashing unlocking tool Phone Unlocking Tools (2022)

original SigmaKey is a brand new mobile flashing and unlocking software tool, original Sigma key sigmakey is designed to service the latest MTK, TI OMAP, Broadcom and Qualcomm

original Sigma key sigmakey dongle mobile flashing and unlocking software tool

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Sigma - MTK Features

Read Codes/Unlock
Direct Unlock:
Android smartphones based on MTK CPU supported
Alcatel, Motorola, ZTE and other MTK brands
Huawei with old and new security types
There is no need to select model from the list
Standalone solution, doesn't need any server codes or credits
All firmware versions and provider IDs are supported
Fast unlock procedure
Read User Code (unlike using "format FFS", no private information will be lost)
Read/generate all types of codes:
Motorola EX-series, Huawei, Android smartphones etc.:
NP (Network Personalization) code
NSP (Network Subset Personalization) code
CP (Corporate Personalization) code
SP (Service Provider Personalization) code
SIMP (SIM Personalization) code
NS-SP personalization code
SIM-C personalization code
Alcatel, Motorola WX-series:
NCK (Network Control Key) code
NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
PCK (Personalization Control Key) code
Support of specific firmware and hardware versions:
Models locked with "hardware lock"
Models with auto SP-lock
Models with more than one SIM
Models with disabled unlock code menu
Unlock Code Calculation by IMEI
Supported models: Alcatel / Motorola / Orange / TCL / Vodafone / T-Mobile / TMN / ZTE
Internet connection is not required for code calculation
Standalone solution, doesn't require server codes or credits
No limit for quantity of codes calculated per day
SigmaKey flash files are stored in *.skf format
Read phone's firmware version
COM port speed – up to 921600 bps
Read & Restore backup
Upgrade firmware (restore backup from one phone into another)
Upgrade and downgrade firmware version
Huge flash files archive
Correct firmware upgrade for Alcatel models (works with CUST PARA area)
Smart (fast) write mode
Simple write mode
Works with NAND and NOR flash chip type
Repair IMEI, including models with more than one SIM
Repair Software IMEI (phones with IMEI located in file system)
Repair Hardware IMEI (phones with IMEI located in OTP area flash chip)
Repair IMEI for Huawei models with new security type
Repair Blank IMEI
Repair Security Area:
Repair Security Area for Alcatel cell phones (flashing method)
Diagnostics and Security Area Repair for Huawei cell phones (models with new security type).
Repair of the following software errors:
Software Error 23
Software Error 4
Software Error 3
Software Error 20
Other types of software errors
Phones file system:
Works with FFS through boot mode (allows to export information from the phone's FFS zone even if the handset is dead, but file system of the set is not damaged)
Works with network calibrations (backup and restore)
Works with phone's flex (backup and restore)
Phone book backup
Format file system
Other Options:
Works via UART interface (virtual or physical COM-ports)
External RAM testing
Accelerating execution of operations (boost mode)
Autodetect MTK boot speed
DTR & RTS serial port control
Multilingual software interface
More details on Sigma MTK Features can be viewed on the manufacturer's website.
Sigma - Qualcomm Features

Unlock code calculation by IMEI
Supported phone brands: Alcatel, ZTE, TMN, T-Mobile, Motorola and other brands
Internet connection is not required for code calculation
Standalone solution, doesn't require server codes or credits
No limit for quantity of codes calculated per day
Direct unlock
Acer, Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Motorola: Smartphones, Phones and Tablets
Unlock via USB cable
Heuristic method which allows user to unlock device even if it has an unknown firmware version
Reset the counter of code entry attempts
Support for smartphones with Android and Firefox OS
Support for Qualcomm Hexagon smartphones
Locked bootloader
Huawei smartphones with the locked bootloader:
Read / Reset botloader Unlock Password
Relock Bootloader without any traces left in the firmware
Root Solution for Supported Android Smartphones
Various Android versions supported for Root / Unroot
Enable Diagnostic port feature
Repair security area
Alcatel smartphones:
Repair corrupted security data file
Huawei smartphones:
Repair security area
Enable firmware downgrading
Sony Android smartphones
Read all types of codes
Alcatel, Motorola, Huawei smartphones:
NCK (Network Control Key) code
NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
PCK (Personalization Control Key) code
ZTE smartphones:
NCK code (Old and New Security)
Repair corrupted security data file
Show the number of wrong code entering attempts
Read phone code
ZTE phones
Unlock code calculation by IMEI
Supported phone brands: Alcatel, ZTE, TMN, T-Mobile, Motorola and other brands
Internet connection is not required for code calculation
Standalone solution, doesn't require server codes or credits
No limit for quantity of codes calculated per day
IMEI repair
Motorola smartphones
Sony smartphones
ZTE phones
ZTE smartphones
Huawei smartphones
Enable Diagnostic port
This feature is supported for some Qualcomm-based devices.
Factory Reset Protection Remove (FRP):
FRP reset for new Huawei smartphones.
Details on Sigma Qualcomm Features can be viewed on the manufacturer's website.
Sigma - Broadcom Features

(Video) Huawei p30 Pro (VOG-L29) FRP Remove with SigmaKey

Direct unlock
Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone smartphones
No need to type in codes into the phone after unlocking
Unlock via USB cable
Wrong Code Counter Reset
Automatically, without flashing
IMEI repair
Read all types of codes
NCK (Network Control Key) code
NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
PCK (Personalization Control Key) code
Other Sigma Broadcom Features can be viewed on the manufacturer's website.
Sigma - TI OMAP Features

Direct unlock
Motorola Android Smartphones running on Texas Instruments
Unlock via micro-USB cable
Phone has to be rooted before unlocking procedure
Reset the counter of code entry attempts
Sigma - Supported CPUs

MT6219, MT6223, MT6225, MT6226, MT6235, MT6236, MT6238, MT6239, MT6250, MT6251, MT6252, MT6253, MT6260, MT6516, MT6268, MT6573, MT6575, MT6577, MT6572, MT6582, MT6589, MT6595, MT625A
Support for new CPUs and flash chips are added constantly
Sigma - Supported OS

(Video) Sigma Key Install, Drivers, SmartCard reader Step By Step - FlashUnlockTV

Windows 2000
Windows XP 32/64-bit
Windows Vista 32/64-bit
Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
Windows 7 32/64-bit
Windows Server 2008
Sigma - Supported mobile devices

Sigma - Support for TI OMAP
Motorola: A853 Milestone, A853 Milestone LatAm, A953 MILESTONE 2, MB502 Charm LatAm, MB502 Charm US, MB508 Flipside, MB511 Flipout, MB511 Flipout AT&T, MB520 Bravo, MB525 Defy, MB526 Defy Plus, MB611 Cliq 2, ME511 Ruth, ME525 Defy, ME525 Defy Plus, ME722 MILESTONE 2, XT701 Sholes Tablet, XT702 Milestone, XT711 Sholes Tablet, XT720 Milestone, XT720 MOTOROI
Sigma - Support for Broadcom

OT-906 / OT906Y
Smart 2 / TCL V860
V768 / T-Mobile concord
Racer II / ARIZONA / Kyivstar Shine
Sigma - Support for Qualcomm

(Video) how to unlock bootloader | Huawei bootloader unlock 2019

Alcatel (Qualcomm)
Qcom Android: Alcatel 6055A, 6055b, Fierce 4, Flint, Go Play, IDEAL, IDOL 4, M823, One Touch Allura, One Touch Conquest, One Touch Idol 4S, One Touch Pixi 3 (7), One Touch PIXI 4, One Touch Pixi 4 6.0, One Touch POP 2 (5) Premium, One Touch POP 3 (5.5), One Touch POP 4, One Touch POP 7, OneTouch Idol 4S, OneTouch Pixi 7, OneTouch Pop 4+, OT-5054N, OT-6045, OT-6045B, OT-6045i, OT-6045O, OT-6055, OT-6070, OT-I806, OT-M823F, OT-V900, Tab Prime 6, 4045D, 4045X, 4060a, 4060S, 5042D, 5042g, 5051D, 5051J, 5051M, 5051X, 5054D, 5054O, 5054X, 5056D, 5056e, 5056M, 5056O, 5056X, 5057A, 5057M, 5065D, 5065J, 5065O, 5065X, 5098O, 5098S, 5154A, 6039H, 6039K, 6039S, 7043E, 7043K, 7043Y, 7044X, 7044Y, 7048S, 7048X, 9001D, 9001I, 9001X, 9006W, 9007T, 9007X (for EE), 9015B, 9015W, 9022D, 9022S, 9022X, 9030G, 9030Q, 9030Y, OT-4045, OT-4060, OT-4060O, OT-5042X, OT-5051, OT-5054, OT-5054O, OT-5054s, OT-5054W, OT-5056, OT-5057, OT-5065, OT-5065O, OT-5098, OT-5098O, OT-5154, OT-6039Y, OT-7044, OT-7048, OT-9001, OT-9006, OT-9007, OT-9015, OT-9022, OT-9030, OT-A621R, OT-V895N, OT-VF1397, OT-VF1400, OT-VF1497, TCL 5042A, TCL 5042W, VDF 900, VF-1497, VF-895N, VFD 900, Vodafone Tab Prime 7, Vodafone Tab Speed 6
Blu (Qualcomm)
Qcom Android: D170a Dash 3.5, D260A Dash 4.0, Dash 3.5
Huawei (Mediatek)
Huawei: CUN-L01, CUN-L02, CUN-L03, CUN-L21, CUN-L22, CUN-L23, CUN-L33, CUN-U29, Enjoy 5, GR3, Holly 2 Plus, Honor 4C Pro, LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L03, LUA-L13, LUA-L21, LUA-L22, LUA-L23, LUA-U02, LUA-U03, LUA-U22, LUA-U23, LYO-L01, LYO-L02, LYO-L21, P8 LITE SMART, TAG-L01, TAG-L03, TAG-L13, TAG-L21, TAG-L22, TAG-L23, TAG-L32, TIT-AL00, TIT-CL00, TIT-CL10, TIT-L01, TIT-TL00, TIT-U02, Y3II, Y5II, Y6 Elite, Y6 Pro, Y6II compact, Accent Speed X2, Enjoy 5S, G302D U8812D, G610s, G730, GR3 4G, GR3 4G TAG-L03, H30-T00, Hol-U19, Honor 3C H30-U10, Honor 3C Play, Honor 3X G750, Honor 3X Pro, Honor Holly, TAG-L03, TAG-L13, Tango, TIT-U02, Y221, Y360-U03, Y360-U23, Y520, Y540-U01, Y5II, Y6Pro
Huawei (Qualcomm)
Qcom Android: T-Mobile Move Balance, Unite Q, 007HW, Ascend G300, Ascend G300C, Ascend G301, Ascend G330D, Ascend G520, Ascend G525, Ascend II, Ascend Y100, Ascend Y101, Ascend Y200, Ascend Y201, Ascend Y201 Pro, Ascend Y210, Ascend Y300, Ascent G312, Astro, Beeline E300, Blaze, Boulder, Buddy, C8150, C8500, C8500S, C8511, C8550, C8650, C8650 Plus, C8800, C8813, C8860E, CHT8000, Cloudfone Temptation, Fusion, Fusion 2, Gaga, Globe Cloudfone Ice, Honor, Honor Plus +, Huawei Ideos X5, HWM835, Ideos, Ideos Chat, Ideos X1, Ideos X3, Impulse 4G, Ivy, Joy, Juni, Kyivstar Aqua, Kyivstar Terra, M835, M860 Ascend, M865, MegaFon, NEO, Phoenix, Pro, Pulse Mini, RBM2, RBM3, S31HW Softbank, Selina, Smile, Sonic, Sonic Plus, SPARK, Speed, T-Mobile Ascend G312, T-Mobile Comet, T-Mobile myTouch, T-Mobile myTouch Q, T-mobile Prism, T-Mobile Pulse, T-Mobile Pulse mini, T-Mobile Pulse Mini, T-Mobile Rapport, TMN A1, Turkcell T20, U8100, U8100-5, U8100-9, U8105 U8107, U8109, U8110, U8120, U8150, U8150-92, U8160, U8160-U, U8180, U8180-5, U8180v, U8185, U8186, U8220, U8220 PLUS, U8225D life:) Belarus, U8230 U8300, U8350, U8500, U8510, U8510-0, U8510-1, U8510-7, U8511, U8520 Deuce, U8520 Duplex, U8530, U8600, U8650, U8650-1, U8651, U8651S, U8651T, U8652, U8652-51, U8655 U8655-1, U8660, U8661, U8665, U8666, U8666E, U8666N-1, U8667, U8680, U8681, U8685D, U8687, U8730, U8800, U8800 Pro, U8800-51, U8800H, U8815, U8816, U8818, U8820, U8825D, U8833, U8850, U8860, u8867z, U8950 Ascend G600, U8950D Ascend G600D, U8951 Ascend G510, U8951D Ascend G510, U9000, UM840, V845, Vision, Vodafone 858 Smart, Y201D, Y210D, Y5, Y560-L01, Y560-L02, Y560-L02, Y625-U13, Y625-U21, Y625-U32, y625-u51
Qcom tablet: IDEOS S7 Slim: S7-201u, IDEOS S7 Slim: S7-201w, Mediapad S7 S7-101, Mediapad S7 S7-103, Mediapad S7 S7-104, Mediapad S7 S7-105, Mediapad S7 S7-106
Qcom phone: U1000, U1000s, U1005, U1105, U120, U1205, U120e, U121, U1211, U1215, U1220s, U1250, U1251, U1259, U1270, U1280, U1280E, U1285, U1300, U1305, U1307, U1309, U1310, U1315, U2800, U2801, U3100, U3100-1, U3100-5, U3100-7, U3100-d, U3200, U3200-9, U3200-S, U3200S, U3205, U3300, U3305, U3310, U3311, U3315, U3315h, U3317, U5110, U5110e, U5120, U550, U5510, U5700, U5705, U5707, U5900, U6100, U6150, U7200, U7300, U7310, U7310S, U7315, U7510, U7510-o, U7515, U7517, U7519, U7520, U7520-5, U7520-7, U7520-D, U9105, U9120, U9130....................

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