Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (2023)

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  • 1. Adobe Premiere Rush
  • 2. Kinemaster
  • 3. Filmora Go
  • VivaCut
  • PowerDirector
  • 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary
  • Funimate
  • GoPro Quik

Since the cameras in our phones are so powerful, why not take advantage of them by recording some content and editing it with one of the best video editor apps for Android? Whether you're doing it for the TikTok, or just putting something together for your group of friends, there are video editor apps available for every person and every situation.

Record and edit those videos with the best video editor apps for Android

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Forget needing to jump on a computer to get some video editing done, especially because you can record and then get down to business with Adobe Premier Rush. The app was in development for quite a while before finally seeing its release on the Play Store. Adobe fans can also rejoice as this app joins the ranks of Photoshop and Lightroom as some of the best Android apps today.

Kinemaster is another great video editing app that works on your phone, tablet, or even your Chromebook. Get all the tools you need, right at your fingertips, and create something that has never been thought of before. Then, share it with your friends and family, upload it to Instagram, or post it to your YouTube channel.

FilmoraGo used to be a source of frustration with a clunky interface, but that's no longer the case. The developers have streamlined the application, giving you quick and easy access to the tools you need the most. With an intuitive timeline zoom and more filters than you can count, this is one of the best video editor apps.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

After making its debut on Android back in 2019, Premier Rush has become a favorite for those who want to edit videos on the go. This is especially true for those who are already subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud, which also opens the doors to import files from Lightroom, Photoshop, and other creative apps.

Premier Rush is one of those apps that run on any device that you own, meaning you can start editing on your phone and then pick things back up later on your computer, or vice-versa. The interface is extremely simple to navigate, and you can even use Premiere Rush to record the video, removing the need to import it from the Camera or Files app.

The biggest hang-up with Premier Rush is that it's not compatible with every phone on the market. We aren't exactly sure when the list will continue to grow, but you can expect it to work with Samsung flagships, the latest OnePlus devices, and even the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. For the time being, owners of those smartphones will enjoy editing their videos with Adobe's app.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (2)Best for flagships

Adobe Premiere Rush

The best video editor for Android, if it's compatible
Adobe Premiere Rush is a fantastic way to get your videos recorded and edited all in one place. If you have a phone that is supported, you can take advantage of Adobe's Creative Cloud, start recording and editing, then polish the edit on your computer later.

(Video) Best Video Editing Apps for Android - 2022 Review!

2. KineMaster

When it comes to video editing, you want to have all the tools you can think of, and more. KineMaster is one of the best video editor apps for Android thanks to the sheer amount of tools provided. From being able to add and combine layers to reversing your videos and taking advantage of EQ presets for better audio playback, KineMaster is the way to go.

The app has even been optimized to work with Chromebooks, so you can edit from a bigger screen than your smartphone. You won't have to worry about issues when it comes to exporting those 4K videos, and KineMaster makes it easy to share your finished product to YouTube, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms.

It's important to note that while you can do pretty much everything with the free version of KineMaster, there are some limitations. Notably, there are the expected ads strewn throughout the app, along with watermarks for your exported videos. These can be removed, along with unlocking more tools and assets, with a KineMaster Premium subscription.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (3)No limitations here


Create a professional-level video, on your phone
Although KineMaster may not have the same clout as the competition, it's no slouch in the video editing space. You'll get all the tools you could want, plus the ability to unlock additional tools and assets with KineMaster Premium.

3. FilmoraGo

Some video editors offer a clunky and difficult-to-use interface, making your edits a real headache. FilmoraGo, thankfully, does not fall in that category thanks to a recent update that pushed a simplified interface. All of your tools are just a tap or swipe away, and you can zoom in on your timeline to make precise cuts and edits. Copy a clip and paste it elsewhere, spin it around, or make some cuts and split a video into two or three parts.

FilmoraGo even provides music tracks and sound effects for you to take advantage of, with the ability to layer sounds on top of one another. If you can think of it, chances are that FilmoraGo has the tools you want to get your finished product put together and out to the world.

There is a "Pro Unlimited" subscription available for those who want to unlock even more features like filter packages and stickers. Plus, those will automatically remove any watermarks that would have been applied during the export process. FilmoraGo offers a free trial period, so you can have a taste and determine whether this is the best video editor app for you.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (4)Easy, but powerful

Filmora Go

Video editing made simple and easy
FilmoraGo has all the tools you can think of, including music tracks and sound effects to make your videos unique. And while there are plenty of tools to get the job done, the Pro Unlimited subscription can add even more possibilities.

Other great video editor apps for Android

Thanks to the wonderful library of applications on the Play Store, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're using a GoPro or just want an app to keep a unique diary, there's something here for everyone.


Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (5)

It's awesome when you find an app that is not only already packed with features, but when the developer shares what's to come. That's what VivaCut offers. You'll find all the standard editing options, including a multi-layered timeline, an array of filters to choose from, and the ability to add music. There's even an awesome "VHS Edit" function that makes your video look like it was made in the 80s or 90s.

(Video) Best FREE Video Editing Apps for iPhone & Android (2022 Review!)

After editing, you can choose which video resolution you want the final product to be exported in. There's also "one-click" sharing for certain apps, making it easy to post it to Snapchat or upload your finished product to your YouTube channel. The developers have also shared that there are some new "Undo & Redo" tools in the works, along with new Animated Text features.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (6)Old or new


New school videos, with old school vibes
VivaCut is feature-packed and simplistic to use, making it easier than ever to trim and edit your videos to perfection. There are some rather unique tools to make this stand out from the rest, including the VHS Edit mode, and new options are already in the works for future updates.


Some apps, regardless of whether they are video editors or not, rely on flashy promo materials and gimmicks to try and get new users. PowerDirector ignores all of that by offering a powerful video editor for Android that allows you to create high-quality videos. You'll find all the traditional tools you would expect from a powerful video editor, along with the built-in green screen editor, and you can even create picture-in-picture overlays if your device is supported.

The free version of PowerDirector will work just fine for most users, but the Premium subscription unlocks even more transitions and effects, along with stock media content that has been rated for commercial use. Plus, you'll get rid of those pesky ads that take your attention away from getting the work done.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (7)Edit like a pro


Professional editing, in the palm of your hand
PowerDirector is a fantastic video editor for your Android device, with access to stock footage, the ability to adjust speed on the fly, and fix that shaky camera footage. All of this can be done right from your phone, and you can even take advantage of templates to speed up the editing process.

1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (8)

1 Second Everyday is a unique app in that you can either use it as a diary app to track how much you have changed every day, or you can use it to keep track of a memorable trip. Open the app, record a one-second clip, and save it for the next day. You can continue repeating this for as long, or as short, as you want and then edit everything into a compilation video to look back and reflect on.

Perhaps the best part of 1 Second Everyday is that you don't have to worry about pesky ads or having to pay to unlock new features. The app is completely free to use, and you can create custom videos that would require much more work to edit together into a final product. If you do want to unlock more features, 1 Second Everyday Pro is available as a subscription, giving you access to unlimited projects, unlimited backup storage, and much more.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (9)Video diaries

1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

(Video) Best Free Video Editing Apps 2022 || iPhone & Android

One second, endless memories
1 Second Everyday is the perfect way to create a unique diary, regardless of whether you're tracking your own progress or want to remember a family vacation. Plus, it's free to use and has plenty of features to keep you happy.


Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (10)

For better or worse, TikTok has taken over the world. Folks are creating short and incredible videos and then sharing them with the rest of the world (or just their friends/family). But a lot of work can go into those minute-long clips, and that's where Funimate comes in.

This video editor aims to make those videos easier than ever to edit, with all the right filters and features you'll need. Of course, you don't have to be a TikTok creator to take advantage of Funimate, as you can easily upload to Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms with ease. There are more than 100 different video effects, along with the ability to create your own. There's something here for everyone who wants to create short videos.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (11)For the Tik-Tok-ers


Edit those short videos faster than ever
Funimate is a fantastic way for TikTok creators to edit short videos and then quickly upload them. With more than 100 different video filters, the ability to merge, cut, or trim videos, and even make video loops, there's something here for everyone to try out.

GoPro: Video Editor & Movie Maker

For quite some time, GoPro Quik was a fan-favorite for video editing needs, regardless of whether you used a GoPro or not. With this new Video Editor & Movie Maker app, offload the footage from your GoPro and edit right in the same app. Use this as a viewfinder for your GoPro and make sure the shots are lined up perfectly.

Then, sit back and enjoy while the GoPro Video Editor transforms and edits your footage automatically. Some filters can be applied, along with trimming some extra stuff out, but the app does much of the work for you. Editing your GoPro footage has never been easier.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (12)For the GoPro

Let the app do the work for you
While there are some video editing capabilities, GoPro's Video Editor & Movie Maker app makes life easy. Use the app as a viewfinder for your GoPro, upload the footage directly, and then watch the result after it's been automatically edited.

Best Video Editor for Android 2022 (13)

(Video) Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android - Top 5 Video Editors For Smartphones in 2022!

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  • You need to mention that you have to pay $10 a month for Adobe Rush. The free version only allows 3 exports total.

  • You only choose "best" options that come with subscriptions. Ugh. Why didn't these things allow purchases like the better ones on iOS?

    (Video) FilmoraGo - Best Android Video Editor 2022?


Which is the No 1 editing app? ›

1. PicsArt (Android, iOS) PicsArt is our top pick of the best photo editing apps, because it's fun, easy to use, yet covers just about all the bases for consumer mobile photography. It provides lots of creative control, excellent image-editing tools and a large variety of attractive filters.

Which is the No 1 editing app for Android? ›

Let's a list of top video editing apps for Android
KineMasterIn-built graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, clipsVoice overs, voice changers, sound effects, background music66MB
VivaVideoShort video makerIn-built editing effects.88MB
VideoShowReduce video size in the app, Easy to use39MB
4 more rows
22 Aug 2022

Does Android have a built in video editor? ›

Using the Gallery app to edit videos on an Android.

Built into most Android devices is the Gallery app, which you can use as a basic video editor. Intuitive and easy-to-use, this app is ideal for minor edits. To begin, just open the video you want to edit. An editing toolbar will automatically appear on your screen.

Which is the best video editing app for Android without watermark? ›

OpenShot is a powerful free video editor with no watermark that you can use to create professional-level videos. This video editing software features a wide range of editing tools that the pros use every day, such as keyframes, chroma-key effects, transitions, text tools, and more.

How can I make my Android videos look professional? ›

Steps for Creating Pro Videos with Android Smartphones
  1. Step 1: Prepare Your Content for Filming.
  2. Step 2: Select a Suitable Filming Location.
  3. Step 3: Choose the Front or Rear Camera.
  4. Step 4: Clean Your Camera Lens.
  5. Step 5: Position Your Camera for Filming.
  6. Step 6: Set Up Your Lighting.
  7. Step 7: Connect Your Microphone.

What is the best video resolution for Android? ›

Frame size: 480 x 270 pixels (very low-end devices) or 640 x 360 pixels (plays better on iPhone 4G and Android phones)
To reach higher-end smartphones:
  • Video bitrate: 3500 kbps (WiFi), 2000 kbps (cellular) or less.
  • Frame size: 1280 x 720 or 960 x 640.
  • Frame rate: 30 fps.
  • Audio bitrate: 160 kbps or less.
30 Aug 2022

How can I edit large video files on Android? ›

What to Know
  1. Open Google Photos on your Android device. Locate the video you want to edit and select it.
  2. As the video plays, tap the screen outside the video and select the Edit icon to bring up two handles on the video.
  3. Drag the editing handles on the video to adjust its length. Tap Save Copy.
19 Nov 2021

What is like iMovie for Android? ›

Learn more about them here and find the most useful Android app equivalent to iMovie for your personalized needs.
  • FilmoraGo.
  • VideoShow.
  • VivaVideo.
  • VidTrim Pro.
  • WeVideo.
  • Magisto.
  • KineMaster.
  • Splice.
3 Nov 2022

Is CapCut good for editing? ›

CapCut is one of the 20 Best Video Editing Apps in 2022, just like KineMaster, except that it's used as the default video editing app for the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

What editing app has the best quality? ›

The best video editing apps in full
  1. Adobe Premiere Rush (cross-platform) The best video editing app overall. ...
  2. Quik (cross-platform) The best video editing app for GoPro users. ...
  3. LumaFusion (iOS) ...
  4. KineMaster (Android, iOS) ...
  5. iMovie (Apple devices) ...
  6. FilmoraGo (Android, iOS) ...
  7. Apple Clips (iOS) ...
  8. Filmmaker Pro (iOS)
30 Aug 2022

Who is the world best editor? ›

Top Grossing Editor at the Worldwide Box OfficeBETA
RankNameWorldwide Box Office
1Jeffrey Ford$13,570,711,139
2Michael Kahn$11,964,709,358
3Chris Lebenzon$8,201,687,047
4Lee Smith$7,993,896,283
78 more rows

How can I edit a video without losing quality? ›

LosslessCut is an open-source video cutter that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Like Filmora, this software also allows you to cut videos without re-encoding, so there is no loss of quality.

What app can change video quality? ›


Videoshop is a great video quality increaser designed for both Android and iPhone users. It not only can help you increase video quality in a practical way but help you trim, apply slow/fast motion, and add voiceover to your video.

Which editor is best for Android development? ›

8 Top Android Development IDEs for Developers in 2022
  • Android Studio.
  • Visual Studio (With Xamarin)
  • Eclipse.
  • IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Komodo.
  • Cordova.
  • NetBeans.
  • AIDE.
17 May 2022

What video editor does Google use? ›

MovieStudio video editor - Google Workspace Marketplace. MovieStudio is a video editor that acts as a movie maker to create, edit and record videos, and mix videos, audios, images and texts.

Does Android have Filmora? ›


FilmoraGo is another one of the best video editing app for Android, which is a capable video editor that allows you to easily apply themes, add music, and insert other effects.

Which is the best video editing app without premium? ›

If you are looking for a good video editor without watermarks for Android, then CapCut is your best bet. The makers of Tiktok created it, so you can easily export your edited videos to Tiktok if you are a Tiktoker. It is also completely free.

How do I make high-quality videos on my phone? ›

  1. Record in the Proper Orientation. While many may say that recording in horizontal/landscape orientation is the best way to shoot high-quality video from your phone, the truth is it depends. ...
  2. Check Your Settings. ...
  3. Avoid Zooming. ...
  4. Improve Your Lighting. ...
  5. Get a Tripod. ...
  6. Don't Forget About Audio Quality.
1 Aug 2022

How can I make my phone shoot video like a pro? ›

Here's what we will cover:
  1. Use the right camera on your phone and monitor yourself.
  2. Use a gimbal/tripod.
  3. Get your video composition right.
  4. Use manual mode on your phone's camera.
  5. Make sure you're properly lighting your videos.
  6. Capture high-quality audio.
  7. Record enough B-roll.
24 Dec 2021

How do I get better quality videos on my phone? ›

For most Android/Pixel products, open camera > video > settings > 30 fps. Click the settings button to make sure the camera is set to full resolution.

Why are Android videos so blurry? ›

The density of pixels on the two devices is different. In most Android devices, the video pixel is around 720p or 480p, while on the iPhone, it is about 1080p. This difference can result in a lack of proper compression and make videos blurry. You may have to search for an answer to fix the quality.

Which video quality is best for smartphone? ›

Video resolution and frame rate

Like today's camcorders and DSLRs, the best smartphones out now can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second. Ultra high-end phones go even higher with 8K recording.

Which is the most powerful video player for Android? ›

The best video players on Android in 2022
  • VLC for Android - VideoLabs.
  • Video Player All Format - InShot Inc.
  • MX Player - MX Media.
  • Playit-All in One Video Player - Playit Technology PTE.
  • aPlayer - Alpha Team.
  • Video Player - Recorder & Music Apps.
  • Archos Video Player - Archos S.A.
  • BSPlayer - BSPlayer Media.
30 Sept 2022

Is 4K better than 1080p on phone? ›

Full HD is just another term for 1080p or 1920x1080, and those are all ways of referring to the same resolution. By contrast, 4K has a resolution of 3840x2160. That's a lot more pixels in the overall image — totaling over 8 million pixels. As always, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will be.

Does iMovie work on Android? ›

Is iMovie available for Android? No, there's no iMovie on Google Play. The app is only available for iOS and Mac.

Is KineMaster good for video editing? ›

KineMaster is the best application for editing video. You can easily edit any video, change background music, add logo in the start and also can write any thing you want to. You can easily download music from KineMaster library and it have lot of free features to use. KineMaster don't cut the audio file into two parts.

What is the Samsung version of iMovie? ›

InShot. InShot is a great and widely-used alternative to iMovie on android smartphones.

Is there a better app than iMovie? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to iMovie
  • Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Camtasia.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express.
  • Wondershare Filmora.
  • Blender.
  • DaVinci Resolve.
  • Windows Movie Maker.
  • VEGAS Pro.

Which is better KineMaster or iMovie? ›

iMovie provides features like User Interface, Cross Platform, Upload video or audio file, Video and image management, Title Editor, etc. Whereas, KineMaster provides Trim & Slice, Animation, Voice-Over, Audio Tools, Video Capture and other such functionalities.

Which is better CapCut or InShot? ›

CapCut is a good place to start if you use TikTik and want to up your game there, but you can export your videos and upload them anywhere. InShot has been around forever, first as a photo editing app and now as a video editing app. It lets you do the basics for free, but be prepared for on screen ads.

Which is better VN or CapCut? ›

If you want to make really creative videos with lots of effects and transitions, CapCut is probably the best option for you. If you're looking for the best all-rounder, VN Video Editor would be your best choice.

Why is CapCut so popular? ›

CapCut has a mobile-friendly interface and offers some great features to enhance your videos, like auto-captioning and removing background colors for a green screen effect.

What app is the most popular in 2022? ›

Top global apps by consumer spend, Q1 2022

Facebook still leads the world in monthly active users, with all four of the top four apps, followed by TikTok, Amazon, Twitter, and others.

What is the best app in 2022? ›

  • iPad App of the Year: GoodNotes 5, from Time Base Technology Limited.
  • Mac App of the Year: MacFamilyTree 10, from Synium Software GmbH.
  • Apple TV App of the Year: ViX, from TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc.
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: Gentler Streak, from Gentler Stories LLC.
  • Games.
1 day ago

What is the best photo editor in 2022? ›

10+ Best Photo Editing Software (Free & Premium) in 2022
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (Editor's Choice) Adobe Photoshop CC Review.
  • Corel PaintShop Pro.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements.
  • DxO Photolab.
  • GIMP.
  • Affinity Photo.
  • Pixelmator Pro.
14 Sept 2022

What editing app do Tiktokers use? ›

Our Favorite Video Editing Apps for TikTok in 2022 are:
  • YouCam Video.
  • TikTok.
  • InShot.
  • Picsart.
  • Canva.
  • Filmora.
  • FaceTune Video.
  • Filto.
1 Sept 2022

What is the #1 app in the world? ›

Most Popular Apps 2021 (Global)
AppDownloads (mm)
6 more rows
7 Oct 2022

What apps are needed 2022? ›

Here are some original app ideas 2022 that you can steal.
  • Restaurant POS Application. ...
  • Bike servicing app. ...
  • Fitness App. ...
  • UPI Payment app. ...
  • Augmented reality app that helps you design your room. ...
  • Scan and convert to pdf app. ...
  • Health check-up and food planner app. ...
  • Railway tracking app.
6 Jan 2022

What is the highest growing app? ›

Top Grossing Apps 2021 (Global)

TikTok is far ahead of other social platforms for in-app purchases, possibly accounting for over 50% of its total revenue.

Which is the best technology to choose for mobile app development in 2022? ›

Blockchain technology is one of the advanced mobile app development trends of 2022. It improves the security of your mobile app as well as data exploitation. Blockchain is the favorite among most app users as it solves almost every such concern.

What is the most expensive app on the App Store 2022? ›

Moreover, users have to pay a yearly subscription fee and cover extra upgrade costs, making CyberTuner the most expensive app in the world.

Which is the No 1 photo editing app in Android? ›

  • PowerDirecter. Powerful Video Editing.
  • PowerDirector 365 Business. Video Ads in Minutes.
  • PhotoDirector. All-in-One Photo Editing.
  • AudioDirector. Precision Audio Editing.
  • ColorDirector. Precision Color Grading.
  • Director Suite. Complete Editing Studio.
7 Oct 2022

Who is the No 1 photo editor in the world? ›

The best photo editors of 2022 in full:
  • Adobe Photoshop. Best photo editor overall. ...
  • Capture One Pro. Best photo editor for those with large budgets. ...
  • Affinity Photo. Best subscription-free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. ...
  • Luminar AI. ...
  • ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate. ...
  • Exposure. ...
  • ON1 Photo RAW. ...
  • DxO PhotoLab.
23 Nov 2022

Which is the No 1 photo editing app in the world android? ›

1. FixThePhoto. Verdict: FixThePhoto is an easy-to-use editing app for Android that comes with a set of advanced tools for enhancing photos at a professional level. Users can install the trial version to test out the main features of this application without paying a dime.

What editing apps do people use? ›

The 15 best video editing apps
  • Quick.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush.
  • Splice.
  • InShot.
  • KineMaster.
  • iMovie.
  • WeVideo.
  • PicPlayPost.
8 Apr 2022


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