5 Best iOS & Android Vertical Video Editing Apps [NEW DATA] (2023)

Vertical videos are getting more and more popular.

To make your choice as simple as possible, I’ve tested more than 100 different apps and narrowed my list to the best 5.

They are the easiest to use, have intuitive interfaces, and make the editing process as smooth as possible. You won’t even need a tutorial to learn how to use these apps – you’ll become a pro in no time!

So let’s jump into the list of the best vertical video editing apps for iPhone and Android phone users.

Vertical Video Editing Apps

  1. Enlight Videoleap Video Editor
  2. Viva Cut
  3. Spark Camera
  4. InShot
  5. Picsart

1. Enlight Videoleap Video Editor

5 Best iOS & Android Vertical Video Editing Apps [NEW DATA] (1)

A great all-around video editing option

This video editing app allows you to add several videos at a time. And you can easily trim your video clip not only from the beginning or the end, but also anywhere from the middle. All you’ll need for that is just to touch on the split button on the toolbar, split your video into two parts (or more) and cut from the segment you want.

If you are using the free version, you’ll be able to use two overlapping layers at one time. To use unlimited layers you’ll need to purchase the pro version. But here’s a tip for the free app – export your file already edited with 2 layers, then bring the edited file back in to Videoleap and add another two layers. Repeat as many times as needed. Of course, if you don’t have enough time for this it’s better to just purchase the Pro version.

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Not only is this app great for vertical video editing, you can edit horizontal videos too. For vertical videos, it’ll be in the 9:16 video format.

Available on:


Android Play Market


Free for limited options, various pricing to unlock pro features.

2. Viva Cut

5 Best iOS & Android Vertical Video Editing Apps [NEW DATA] (2)

Awesome animated text and titles

Another good video editing app that’s easy to use with an intuitive interface. You won’t need any guesswork while using Viva Cut as it directs you through the editing process. You can easily change your video layout from vertical to square, landscape, and all the other formats used across social media. I’d also advise you to check out the VFX tool to see all the different filters you can add.

Another interesting feature I love in this app is the text animation. Instead of only offering static titles, there are plenty of animated options with assorted colors and fonts.

Using the Pro version will allow you to unlock all the advanced features like:

  • exporting in 4K or 1080p
  • additional filters
  • no time limitations
  • and much more

Available on:


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Android Play Market


$6.49 monthly
$35.99 yearly
$55 one time purchase for lifetime access

3. Spark Camera

5 Best iOS & Android Vertical Video Editing Apps [NEW DATA] (3)

Try this for the easiest basic video editor

Spark video editor app that works great for basic video editing on quick stuff like Instagram stories and TikTok. Trimming is specifically designed to be easy for fast jobs. If you don’t mind not having extensive features – which you usually don’t for simple projects – while editing your video clips, this app will work great for you.

Another plus is that you can add music to your videos directly from your iTunes library, and easily control the volume levels of the original video sound and music from inside the app.

In my opinion, if you aren’t very familiar with video editing, this app is right for you. Even though the rest of the apps on this list are easy to use, this is probably the easiest. I’ve found that you can jump right into it without needing to spend even a couple minutes learning as it has a very clear and simple interface. The only downside for me is that you can’t change the format of any already recorded video; for example you can’t change from a landscape to a vertical video ratio.

Available on:



Free (limited version)
$3.99 monthly for Pro
$29.99 yearly for Pro
$59.99 one time purchase for lifetime access to Pro

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4. InShot

5 Best iOS & Android Vertical Video Editing Apps [NEW DATA] (4)

The top choice for getting creative with sound

The top choice for getting creative with sound and for creating vertical videos for IGTV and TikTok

With InShot, you’ll get all the standard features like cutting, slow motion, trimming and splitting. You’ll also get filters and effects, video speed adjustment, sticker animations, and lots of font styles for text and titles. There’s video resizing with the Canvas feature as well that makes it easy to switch ratios.

With sound control, you’ll be able to record your own voiceover to the project, choose from included in-app sounds, and use music from either iTunes or your phone. What makes InShot really stand out is the sound library where you can add all sorts of FX to your video like laughter, applause, footsteps, animal sounds, and a whole lot more. This is a great addition you won’t find in many other iPhone or Android video editor, even some of the pricier ones.

Available on:


Android Play Market


$2.99 monthly
$9.99 yearly
$29.99 one time purchase for lifetime access

5. Picsart

5 Best iOS & Android Vertical Video Editing Apps [NEW DATA] (5)

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Limited on video editing options, but makes up for it with its photo editor

You can use Picsart not only for editing videos but for photos as well. This is another easy to use app where you’ll be given the same features for trimming and choosing different ratios like portrait, landscape, and square for different social media. You’ll also have different color themes and images for your video background, visual effects, brightness adjustment, etc. Picsart can be very handy if you’re going to make multiple edits to your project.

There are no features for adding stickers, emojis, or text to your video; you won’t have as many options as some of the other apps on this list. At first the price may not seem worth it. But keep in mind that you’ll also get access to Picsart’s photo editing features in the same app. Unlike the video editing side, photo editing has some really great features. If you’re looking for a good 2 for 1 app, this could be it.

Available on:


Android Play Market


$3.99 monthly
$29.99 yearly


If you’re new to video editing and don’t want or need to have access to advanced tools and features, this is the list for you. I’ve tried to include only video editing apps that are very easy to use while giving you all the basic tools to make compelling social media posts. These apps will also all let you create videos in the assorted video formats for IGTV, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

I’d love to know what your favorite is, so please let me know down below. Also, if you think that I’ve missed any other great video editing app in this post, then please let me know in the comments so I can check that app too!

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