15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (2023)

A smartphone is needed for every photographer or person who loves to capture moments in today’s era. Some people don’t have professional cameras, so they use smartphones for video making and editing. Smartphone has a camera for video recording and very basic editing but to enhance videos; there should be video editing apps in smartphones with advanced feature.

Video quality and effect is the topmost priority of editor, so everyone looks for the best editing video apps. Plenty of video editing apps work best for normal vlogging and editing, but you must be very selective for professional photography.

Purpose Of Video Editing

Video editing is important because it helps us blend pictures and sounds to make us feel emotionally linked to the video we’re watching. It’s fair to assume that video editing is one of the most important things if you are fond of making a video. Professional video editing may help you create an emotional masterpiece, and it can make either the best video or the extremely worst, which is why choosing the proper video editor is just as important as choosing the appropriate camera equipment.

Benefits Of Video Editing Apps

  • It saves your time and gives perfect effects to videos in a very short time.
  • Editing apps are user-friendly and have an easy interface
  • It gives a different and unique look to videos
  • It removes all the flaws from your videos
  • You can tell a story with captions instead of voiceovers
  • You can make a video in which every way you like
  • You don’t depend on professionals for editing

Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2023:

Here is the list of the top 15 video editing apps for android in 2022 and 2023.

  1. VideoShow
  2. VivaCut
  3. KineMaster
  4. Inshot
  5. Viva
  7. GoPro Quik
  8. Adobe Premiere Rush
  9. Magisto
  10. Vita
  11. Funimate
  12. Power director

1. Videoshow:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (1)

VideoShow is the best video editor for android, and it comes in different versions. Some of the features are free of cost, but there is a premium version for an advanced feature. There are different tools for theme, collage, material, and template to get audio and visual effects in the video. This app also has subtitles and a sticker option to add to videos. Adding effects is super easy and more versatile than other apps. Once you are satisfied with the editing, you can export it on social media and galleries in HD format.


  • It’s simple to select media from your device’s photo library.
  • Simply scroll through and tap on the images you want to use for your project.
  • There are a variety of themes to choose from that enhance your movies, vlogs, and slideshows.
  • A video’s soundtrack can be converted to mp3.
  • Features such as a blurred background, the ability to modify audio speed, and voice augmentation
  • A video can have multiple layers of background music.

Cost: $19.99/year or $5.99/month

Playstore rating: 4.6

App install: Over 100M+

2. VivaCut:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (2)

Viva cut is one of the best video editing apps for android. This app is so easy to use, and there are plenty of ways to edit the videos free of cost without the premium tools. If you can’t afford the pro version, you can still enjoy the whole app. With a multi-track timeline editor, you can create professional videos. This app has many editing and enhancement tools to download and export in HD. This app is secure to use and doesn’t hinder any other running app.


  • Add effects along with music rhythms
  • Create amazing cinematic videos and transition effects
  • Control contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, vignette, etc
  • It enhances the video quality
  • You can adjust filters and effects according to your need
  • Using the app, you may export videos in 720p, 1080p, and 4k resolutions. With the PRO aesthetic video editor, you can rename videos and add notes to them.
  • You can share and store videos with transition effects directly to your device’s gallery.

Cost: 4.99$

Rating: 4.6

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App install: 50M+

3. Kinemaster:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (3)

Kinemaster has an impressive range of features. It has a multi-layer interface and features such as chroma keying, blending mode, and audio mixing. Kinemaster features are free of cost to use, but a watermark appears after you finish editing. So, to get rid of the watermark, there is a need to get a premium membership. It’s a nice, easy-to-use layout, and it doesn’t take long to figure out what everything does and where all the options are. Swapping clips around, dragging them across levels, and trimming them is simple.


  • There is a slider to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc
  • Less experienced editors can easily edit the videos and give them an attractive look
  • It has a tool for professional color grading
  • A chroma key feature is also included for greenscreens to be removed
  • There is an option of a text layer to add graphics and text in videos
  • You can add a different transition between one clip and another
  • Clips on an additional layer can be animated
  • You can have multiple layers of audio clips, and you can adjust them in a variety of ways

Cost: $4.99/month

Rating: 4.4

App install: 100M+

4. Inshot:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (4)

Inshot is the best-designed app for video editing. You can make a short video and easily share it on social media. The users can easily select the footage that they want to edit. There are options of multiple videos selection that you can remix and give them the very beautiful video and audio effects. Trim, split, and delete undesired bits of footage, change the loudness of each clip, duplicate some, rotate or flip others, create freeze frames, speed up or reverse playback, and move chosen clips around.


  • You can apply filters and effects
  • Users can apply animated stickers anywhere they want to add to a video
  • You can change font color, position, style according to your desire
  • There is a long list of sound effects that you can add to videos
  • You may also access many tunes that you can download and utilize. Some are completely free, while others require a donation.
  • Footage can be adjusted according to your screen.
  • There is a complete list of tools that make editing very easy

Cost: $14.99/year

Rating: 4.8

App install: 100M+

5. VivaVideo:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (5)

This incredible app allows you to add text, filters, transitions, text blocks, stickers, special effects, and so much more! It has a low chance of crashing and is ideal for video editing. The only drawback is that the videos are watermarked. You can plan to purchase the pro version. According to the information on the portal, the pro edition enables the export of watermark-free videos of any length in HD quality.

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  • You can add stock music according to your choice
  • There is an option where you can also trim videos
  • Choose a general theme for the videos
  • Adjust the lighting and color balance with filters according to your need
  • You can also add the voiceover where desired
  • You can add dynamic transition, stickers, and graphics
  • Advanced features of the dynamic slideshow are also available

Cost: $10/mo

Rating: 4.6

App install: 100M+


15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (6)

FILMIGO is a powerful and advanced video editor. FILMIGO Video Maker provides you with the best tools for cutting, merging, trimming, reversing, twining, compressing, and converting your clips in a matter of seconds. Making and editing videos is easy with this application. Compressing and merging photographs from your gallery are additional tools. There are huge filters available that enhance your video and give it beautiful effects. Compared to other apps, this app is free and easy to use with all accessible features. It has a friendly interface, and you can crop videos in different ratios.


  • You can create stylish videos and can also edit your vlogs
  • You get the perfect video after editing without losing the quality
  • There is an option to resize, rotate, and zoom video according to your need
  • FLIMIGO has over 100+ themes
  • You can add sound effects that are freely available
  • It gives you real stunning filters to make your video more eye-catching
  • You can also convert your video into MP3

Cost: Free of cost

Rating: 4.5

App install: 100M+

7. GoPro Quik:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (7)

GoPro Quik is surprisingly so easy to use. Instead of navigating through your camera roll looking for that one photo you know you want in the project, this makes it easy to find the content you need. You may then choose a video from your media and hit the pencil icon to begin editing the colors, lighting, cropping the video, adding stickers, changing the video speed, and even applying custom filters/presets to each component or the entire project. You can also add music effects according to your choice to enhance the video


  • There are speed adjustment tools that can adjust your video
  • 25 filters are available to beautify your video
  • An additional theme of travel and glitch enhance the videos
  • 190+ music tracks are available that you can use of your choice
  • Editing tools for vibrance, highlight, contrast, exposure, duration, and many more
  • In the premium version, you can get unlimited access to editing and filters

Cost: $49.99/year

Rating: 4.4

App install: 10M+

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8. Adobe premiere rush:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (8)

Adobe premiere rush has different software for vloggers, bloggers, and professional photographers. It doesn’t eliminate all the work involved in generating high-impact social films, but it coherently provides all the necessary tools. The camera interface on mobile is fantastic, with the option to choose between automatic and manual shooting. For example, both lighting and focus can be automatic or manual. You may also select the resolution and frame rate.


  • You can adjust the video ratio according to your demand
  • There is an auto-frame option that keeps important things in a frame
  • You can trim the video longer or shorter according to your timeline
  • You can create picture-in-picture overlays by dragging images in a video
  • Color effects and lighting adjustments can be made, including sound editing, video speed changes, and cropping and rotation.
  • There are 35 filters that you can apply to your videos
  • You can also adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and vignetting tool

Cost: $9.99/mo

Rating: 3.9

App install: 2M+

8. Magisto:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (9)

Magisto is the most user-friendly app and has amazing customer service. You can get a monthly subscription to have access to all features. You can use a free template and can also make your templates. You can add templates and captions to your videos. Developers can add customized text, fonts, and graphics to personalized videos. It has mind-blowing editing techniques, including auto-crop, filter object detection, and effects.


  • You can combine different images and videos to make a single wonderful clip
  • There is an option to choose music from your library
  • Make a video collage slide show with wonderful effects
  • You can share your video on different social media platforms
  • Magisto creates automated movies by taking clips and photos from your gallery
  • An easy interface that creates videos in a few minutes

Cost: $9.99/mo or $20/month

Rating: 4.1

App install: 50M+

9. Vita:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (10)

You can have a lot of fun editing videos with the VITA app. It is enjoyable and simple to use, and it helps beginners create the types of films they enjoy on social media and the internet in general. It’s completely free and has considerably more functionality than other free apps. This makes exploring options much easier, especially when there isn’t a pop-up ad after every screen. You can change general settings and can also have access to a variety of filters and templates.


  • Built-in templates for video backgrounds
  • You can edit and create HD videos
  • Add stickers and texts to enhance your videos
  • You can remove the watermark without getting any premium version
  • Add a wide range of effects and filters to your video (color grading, transitions, and much more)
  • You can speed up or slow down different parts of videos

Cost: Free of cost

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Rating: 4.3

App install: 50M+

10. Funimate:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (11)

Funimate is one of the best video editing apps. You can edit your videos already present in your gallery, and there is a need to adjust them. Funimate has a variety of filters that you can play with and adjust in videos. This isn’t the kind of thing you’d use in a professional video. It has video effects that you can use in videos. However, it’s better for quick social media posts than full-fledged video production. You can try it out for free by downloading.


  • You can apply features like transitions, custom animation, video, and text effects.
  • You can add stickers, backdrops, and overlays to your video to show off your creativity.
  • You can share videos directly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Watsapp, etc.
  • You can add your favorite animations.
  • You can select videos directly from the library to edit them
  • Awesome transitions are available that you can add with a single tap

Cost: $6.99/mo

Rating: 4.3

App install: 10M+

11. Power director:

15+ Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023 (Free+Paid) - Advertising Review (12)

If you are a beginner in photo editing, then power director is the best tool to edit your videos. If you want to progress while learning, then power director should be your choice. Power Director allows you to edit and upload videos quickly. Its user interface makes you feel completely at ease. At the end of editing, the watermark can only be removed by purchasing a premium membership. Adding music effects and filters enhances your video. There are adjustment tools for skin tone, audio effects, and transitions.


  • Editor with all features for basic video editing
  • The true color grading tool
  • Video stabilizers are available to get rid of blur footage
  • Transition effects add beauty to your videos
  • There are enhancement tools for multiple blending modes
  • You can export videos in high resolution

Cost: $19.99/mo

Rating: 4.5

App install: 100M+


This article presents the basic and advanced video editing tools that you can choose according to your desire. Before selecting one video editor, you should read all the features of all mentioned apps. I am sure this article will be helpful for you, and you can easily select one app for video editing. You can easily use all the desired features and apply them to the videos to make them more attractive and post them on social media apps.

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